Final Hours. 20% Off New Creative Prompt Card Deck

This is it, less than 24 hours left to pick up the new Intuitive Writing Prompt card deck via their 20% off pre-sale on Kickstarter (ends 10/2/20 8am EDT).

The first 100 limited edition decks will be sent out next week and are almost sold out. They'll be boxed, numbered and come in a black velvet bag.

Buy one at:

The other good news is, they've reached their 2k and 3k Kickstarter goals, so ALL backers now also get these two class recordings for free:

- Intuitive Writing

- Self Publishing Worldwide

"Use the Intuitive Writing Prompt Card Deck to discover a unique starting point for your creativity that’s specific to you, in the present moment, straight from your subconscious."

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