Pose Reference Card Decks!

Hello Everyone, 

First an update, and then an announcement below.

As some of you know, my printed Pose Reference Card Deck #1 has been sold out for some time, and when I first made it available, It was not shipping internationally. Artists use the decks to quickly browse and select poses on the go for inspiration and practicing.

I get asked frequently when I'll be printing another batch, and if it will ever be sent outside the US. So, I decided to just make the pdf available on Gumroad. Now you can print the 52 card deck yourself in any size from anywhere if you like. No more waiting! I just posted it to my store https://gumroad.com/posemuse

Pose Reference Card Deck #1

Secondly, another card deck has been in the works this year to accompany my most recent book. This new 60 card deck includes a selection of key pose references from Creative Concepts for Artists Vol 1: a POSEmuse & SenshiStock Collaboration (an amazing photography reference artist). The printed version won't be available, but as with deck #1, you can now just print it yourself in any size from anywhere if you like. I just posted both deck pdfs to my store https://gumroad.com/posemuse

Pose Reference Card Deck #2 SenshiStock

Oh and all coupon codes for November apply. 

I hope the decks help you with your art!



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