Poses For Artists Volume 5 - 350 Poses - Preview Poses Inside

Hey everyone, volume five contains over 350 poses, so I wanted to post some more free previews here for previous customers. Enjoy. Justin


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Crouching

Chapter 2: Laying

Chapter 3: Sitting

Chapter 4: Standing

Chapter 5: Hands

Chapter 6: Male Poses

Chapter 7: Skulls

Chapter 8: Kneeling

Chapter 9: Flying

I said this. It's how I feel about this little project and why I do it.

"My intention is to share my simplified poses online and in print, so they might inspire everyone to pick up a pencil or stylus and create new art. I understand that sometimes, you just need a creative nudge to help get the pencil moving and break that pesky block. In my heart, I believe that helping to empower artists makes the world a better place." ~Justin R. Martin

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