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Celebrating the first day of San Diego Comic Con 2022! The major announcements so far...

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My free video on how to draw a classic strong woman pose...


Here's a link to all the free poses and how-to videos on my socials!

Draft cover for our new book Poses For Artists Vol. 7 - Faces & Expressions -->

Rare free pose references posted...

POSEmuse and Adorka Stock - Art Pose References!


4 More Days...

New Book Coming Soon - Faces & Expressions

Final Day!

Poses For Artists Volume Three. Over 170 Fighting Poses.

Portrait Drawing References

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Over 1000 Drawing References! New Book Information.

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Poses For Artists Volume Six. 200 new male and female poses, some with swords, bows, hatchets, staffs, knives, orbs and more.

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Free Video: How to Draw: Female Reclining

Happy New Year!

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Happy Holiday's Everyone!

Drawing Faces!

Fresh Poses & Fushia Tuesday?

New Book: Poses for Artists Vol 6. Now Available in All Formats

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From the archive...

It's Back. FREE Poses For Artists Book Sampler #1 - 25 Poses

Happy All Hallows' Eve, Halloween, Samhain, Calan Gaeaf, Hop-tu-Naa, Allantide, Feast of All Saints, Day of the Dead & Neewollah everyone!

New Book: Poses for Artists Vol 6. Now Available in All Formats


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Celebrating 300k Followers - Free Poses

NEW Poses For Artists Vol.6 - Now Available in Paperback, Kindle, PDF, ZIP & Ebook Formats

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New Poses For Artists Volume 6 - Presale $16

High Res Poses Now Available

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Drawing Faces

New Poses For Artists Volume 6 - Pre-Sale is Live!

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Pose References with Shading!

New Poses For Artists Volume 6! - Unreleased Poses

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New Art Pose References

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My Free How-To-Draw Videos.

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A few new free poses and a 20% off store code >

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PoseMuse Collectible Digital Cards & Boar Mecha NFT's

New Poses - March 2021

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New 2021 Poses

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Creative Prompt Card Deck

Working on Some New Poses (inside), December Discount Code

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Pose Reference Card Decks!

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The photo references I use for my pose drawings...

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Free How-to Video: Drawing a Pose Reference

Skull 6.66

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Poses For Artists Volume 5 - 350 Poses - Preview Poses Inside

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Can you do this pose?

Creative Prompt Card Deck - Final Week

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New Collaboration Book with Photo Reference Artist SenshiStock

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New Paperback! Creative Concepts for Artists Volume One

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